The American Association of Ophthalmology has designated December as “Safe Toys and Celebrations Month.” In today’s article, EyeSite of the Villages, a top local glaucoma doctor, explains how to keep your eyes safe during the holidays, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Practice Firework Safety

A fireworks display is not the safest way to celebrate the New Year, but if you must partake, do so safely. Research your state’s laws on fireworks and follow these laws. Improper use of fireworks can cause life-threatening injuries and blindness.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Excessive drinking is risky even if you don’t plan to drive. Drunk walking can be dangerous because of the increased risk of slips and falls. Your cataract doctor recommends practicing common sense and exercising moderation when it comes to holiday drinking.

Uncork Bottles Properly

Opening a bottle of champagne is a quintessential New Year’s Eve activity, but it poses a risk to your eyes. If a champagne cork hits you in the eye, it can cause a scratch or corneal abrasion. Learn how to uncork the bottle safely. Control the cork with your hand over the top as you remove the wire, then place a towel over the top to catch the cork. Never point the bottle at people while uncorking it.

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