Some medications you may have been prescribed and even certain over-the-counter drugs can have adverse effects on your eyes and/or vision. These meds can affect your lens, retina or cornea.

In today’s post, your local eye exam provider shares what to do when medications are affecting your eyes, and which ones to look out for.

When Your Meds Cause Eye Discomfort

Be cautious when you get a new prescription or start taking over-the-counter medicine, as some medications can cause eye pain or distorted vision. Contact the doctor who prescribed the medication if you start experiencing discomfort so the experts can check whether the medication really is the cause of the problem. In some cases, its benefits will outweigh any adverse effects.

Don’t forget to read the warning labels, especially if you have existing conditions such as glaucoma and diabetes. Some medications indicate that they shouldn’t be taken by patients with glaucoma. See an eye doctor immediately if your meds are significantly affecting your eyes.

Medications That Can Affect Your Eyes

Antihistamines – While they combat allergies, antihistamines can also pose certain risks to people with glaucoma.

Corticosteroids – This medication is prescribed for asthma, allergies, arthritis and skin conditions. It can come in the form of a cream or pills, and can cause swelling on the back of the eye and retina.

Antipsychotic Medications & Antimalarials – These drugs can have negative effects on one’s retina.

Isotretinoin – This is used to treat acne, and can cause various eye issues. Its side effects include dry eye, inflammation of the eye and eyelid, and light sensitivity.

Alendronate – Doctors prescribe this to patients with osteoporosis. Those who have taken this medication have reported blurred vision, double vision, eye pain and conjunctivitis.

Consult your doctor as soon as possible if you believe that any of your medications are causing problems with your eyes. EyeSite of The Villages is here to take care of all your eyecare needs. Whether you need an eye exam or new eyeglasses, we’re here to help. Call us at (352) 674-3937 or complete our contact form to request an appointment. We assist patients in Oxford, FL, and nearby areas.