Most types of contact lenses are not safe to where while you sleep. Unfortunately, many people ignore this rule and wear them to bed anyway. Today, Eyesite of the Villages, a top local eye doctor, discusses the risks of failing to remove your contacts before going to bed.

Your Eyes Need Oxygen

Your eyes need plenty of oxygen–without it, you may experience significant discomfort and even be at an increased risk of infection. Your cornea needs to be exposed to air in order to get enough oxygen. Even breathable contact lenses restrict the amount of air that reaches the eyes. In addition, when your eyes are closed during sleep, they’re absorbing less oxygen than when they’re open. Wearing contact lenses while sleeping can significantly reduce the amount of oxygen that your eyes get.

Sleeping With Contacts Increases the Risk of an Eye Infection

Your cornea is at risk of swelling if it does not have proper access to oxygen. Sleeping with contacts can increase the risk of bacterial infection to the eye and can cause your eyes to become red, irritated and itchy. Prevent this from happening by removing your contacts before bed and by taking proper care of your contacts. If you’re often too tired to remove your contacts before bed, consider removing them an hour or so before bed while you’re still wide awake, and wear eyeglasses in the meantime.

Some Contacts Can Be Worn Overnight

Some contact lenses have been approved by the FDA for overnight wearing. These lenses are made of silicone hydrogel, which makes them thinner than other contacts. Ask your doctor if you might be a candidate for this option.

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