Your children’s sense of sight plays an important role in their learning and development. The colors and movements they see help stimulate their brain processes. They also learn as they mimic your gestures and actions.

This is why it’s important that your child has an eye exam on a regular basis. Here are the things you and your child can expect during one:

What Happens During a Children’s Eye Exam

We’ll first ask you about your child’s medical history, starting with their birth history. We may ask what their weight was when they were born, whether or not they were full-term when delivered, and whether there were any complications during the pregnancy or delivery.

It’s important that you tell your eye doctor if you’ve noticed any peculiar habits of your child, such as frequently rubbing their eyes or blinking excessively. We’ll also take note if your child wears eyeglasses or has failed a vision screening before. We’ll ask about vision problems that run in the family.

Afterward, we’ll perform some tests to evaluate your child’s vision. We’ll check if their eyes are straight and if they can focus. We’ll also assess if they can maintain eye contact or gaze while looking at objects. We’ll observe if they have adequate visual tracking skills as well. We may use an instrument to inspect their internal eye structures too.

Recommended Eye Exam Frequency for Infants and Toddlers

In accordance with the American Optometric Association’s guidelines, your eye doctor recommends that infants undergo their first comprehensive eye exam upon reaching their sixth month of life. Then, children should have another one as they turn three years old. It’s advisable for kids to have their eyes professionally examined again before they enter first grade.

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