Are eye floaters and spots something you need to worry about? Many people don’t pay attention to these tiny flecks and specks that hover around their vision, but they may actually be the result of an underlying eye condition.  To determine if an eyesight problem is present, get in touch with EyeSite of The Villages, a trusted eyeglasses specialist.

In today’s post, learn what eye floaters really are.

What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are spots in your vision which may appear as gray specks, strings or cobwebs, and usually seem to drift away when you try to focus on them. Typically, the prevalence of eye floaters increases with age, and occurs when the vitreous, a jelly-like substance the helps the eye retain its round shape, changes as you grow older. Microscopic fibers found inside the vitreous tend to clump, casting shadows on your retina. This means that the floaters you see are, in fact, the shadows of these fibers.

If you notice a sudden increase in eye floaters, contact your eye doctor right away. Light flashes and loss of peripheral vision are also things about which you should be concerned.


What do eye floaters look like? They often seem like small shapes or transparent strings of material in your vision. They also move out of your visual field when you try to follow them. Eye floaters are most noticeable when you stare at a plain, bright background like the blue sky or a white wall, though they will eventually settle down and drift out of your line of vision.


Apart from age-related eye changes, eye floaters may also be due to inflammation in the back of the eye, previous surgeries or medication. Retinal tears are also a common reason you may have eye floaters. To avoid more serious problems, contact your trusted eye specialist.

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