As you approach middle age, you may experience a decline in your close-range vision. This is due to a refractive error called presbyopia, an age-related condition that is quite common in people ages 40 years and up. In today’s post, your trusted glaucoma doctor from EyeSite of The Villages explains how presbyopia affects your visual acuity.

Presbyopia Signs and Symptoms

What Causes Presbyopia

Your eyes’ natural lenses are flexible, which allows them to change size depending on whether you’re looking at a nearby or distant object. As you age, however, the lenses can lose their flexibility and become rigid, which impairs their function, leading to close-range vision problems.

Common Signs and Symptoms

The hallmark symptom of presbyopia is difficulty seeing objects up close, while distant-range vision remains clear. Your expert cataract doctor notes that people with presbyopia may struggle to read small print, such as food labels or clothing tags.

You may develop a habit of squinting when doing close-range tasks like working on your computer or reading a book. This puts extra strain on your eyes, which may lead to frequent headaches. You may experience severe eye fatigue too.

For your enhanced visual acuity, your reliable eye doctor may prescribe multifocal lenses for your eyeglasses or contact lenses. They contain multiple prescriptions in a single lens to help you see better at different distances. Reading glasses are also helpful.

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