Most websites display dark text on a light background. However, spending hours in front of a bright screen can cause discomfort even if you’re wearing eyeglasses.

Fortunately, dark mode is now supported by many websites, apps and other platforms.

A Comforting Alternative

Dark mode inverts the color palette to a mostly grayscale version of the website or app you’re viewing. Twitter was one of the first websites to offer dark mode, also known as night mode. In 2018, the feature became available on Reddit, Apple OS and iOS, Android phones and YouTube.

Jonathan Chow, a senior Reddit UX designer says that catering to people with light sensitivity or visual impairments is a high priority. Inversion strategies are usually developed alongside accessibility features such as subtitles, voice to text and increasing text size.

He also mentioned that bright screens can be distracting for gamers, which comprise a big portion of Reddit’s audience. Gamers often wear blue light blocking glasses and have ambient light set up behind digital screens. It’s always best to visit your eye doctor if you’re experiencing any vision discomfort.

Benefits of Dark Mode

Staring at bright screens all day can cause dry eyes and visual discomfort. It also limits the production of melatonin, a hormone essential to sleep. Studies show that blue light from screens can suppress the hormone.

Using dark mode on OLED screens can also extend the battery life of your device. Dark mode saves around 60 percent of screen energy. However, there are instances where dark mode isn’t beneficial. It is difficult to read texts in dark mode when you’re using a device in a well-lit room or under direct sunlight.

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