Telecommunications company Huawei has developed innovative technology such as StorySign, an app that translates storybooks into sign language, and Facing Emotions, which lets blind people hear different human emotions. Today, your local eye doctor, EyeSite of The Villages, discusses Track AI, a new technology by Huawei that’s being developed to detect vision problems in children.

Track AI Initiative

Huawei has partnered with ISS Aragon and Devices for Integral Visual Examination (DIVE) Medical to create an artificial intelligence (AI) technology to flag vision problems in children. According to the company, Track AI is a portable and affordable tool that aims to detect vision problems in children as young as six months old. Around 19 million kids worldwide are visually impaired and half of the cases of blindness in children are preventable or treatable.

Vision plays an important role in how a child learns and develops. Regularly visit your eye specialist for an eye exam to monitor your child’s eye health.

The DIVE software, running on the Huawei Matebook E, tests different aspects of visual function. DIVE records the characteristics of children with normal vision and those who have impairment at different ages.

AI analyzes this data, examining the difference between children with and without eye problems. It observes the gaze patterns of a child, which is then transmitted to a Huawei P30 smartphone through an algorithm to determine potential signs of vision defect. The results will be interpreted and confirmed by an eye doctor.

Not a Replacement for Professional Diagnosis

The telecommunications company says that Track AI is not a replacement for professional medical diagnosis, but rather a tool for screening. Using the tool shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes, which allows more patients to be screened quickly and effectively.

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