In some cases, having red eyes is nothing more than an annoyance, but in other cases red eyes can be a sign of a more serious underlying problem. EyeSite of The Villages, a top eye doctor in the state, lists the common causes of red eyes and discusses treatment options. 

Eye Irritation 

Eye redness caused by eye irritation usually clears up quickly. To hasten the healing process, you can apply a warm compress to your eyes for roughly 10 minutes; this will improve the blood circulation in that area, allowing your eyelids to produce more oil and lubrication. If a warm compress doesn’t work, apply a cold compress to reduce itchiness and swelling around the eyes. 

Eye Puffiness From Dehydration and Processed Foods

If eye redness is a recurring problem for you, your diet may be the culprit. Bloodshot eyes may be a symptom of dehydration. Bear in mind that the average person needs to drink roughly eight cups of water every day. 

Excessive amounts of dairy, fast food and heavily processed foods can also cause eye inflammation. Moderate your consumption of processed food and incorporate more omega-3-rich foods in your diet. Seeds, nuts and oily fish like tuna are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids. 

Lens-Related Eye Irritation 

It could be that your contact lenses are causing the problem. If you notice your eyes start to itch after putting in your contact lenses, consider switching to new contacts or eyeglasses

Pink Eye 

Prolonged and particularly severe eye irritation may be a sign of a viral or bacterial infection. There are numerous eye conditions, but conjunctivitis is the most common one. You may have caught bacterial, or viral conjunctivitis. Your eye doctor can provide an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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