Having regular eye exams is the single, most effective way to keep your eyes in good health. Eye exams allow for early detection of underlying vision problems so you can receive immediate and proper treatment. 

To help you make the most of your appointment with your optometrist or cataract doctor, here are four questions you should bring up at your next eye appointment:

Question #1: Am I at Risk for Any Vision Problems?

At the start of your eye checkup, especially if it’s your first time, your eye doctor will ask about your medical history, including any eye problems you’ve experienced in the past. You will also be asked about your family’s medical history since heredity is a major risk factor for many eye conditions. If your parents are nearsighted, for example, you’re likely to have the same problem too. Your doctor will also want to know about your current diet, lifestyle and environment before determining if you’re at a higher risk for developing certain vision problems.

Question #2: What Tests Will Be Done Today?

Typically you’ll undergo a visual acuity test, where we check if you need corrective eyewear to be able to see clearly. Sometimes, we may have you undergo more specific procedures, depending on your established risk factors. If you’re at risk for glaucoma, for example, your glaucoma doctor may perform a tonometry test to measure the pressure in your eyes.

Question #3: How Should I Care for My Eyes?

Once you’re done with the tests and we’ve reviewed the results, we’ll then recommend a management plan. This usually includes eating the right kinds of foods, like green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits and deep-water fish. These are loaded with eye-friendly nutrients to keep your eyes healthy. We may also prescribe certain medications if we find any eye problem that needs medical treatment.

Question 4: When Should I Return?

Actually, even if you don’t ask this question, you can expect your eye care specialist to tell you when to return for your next eye exam. We generally recommend that healthy adults return every two years for an eye exam. If you have an eye condition, you may be asked to return more frequently.

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